Product Overview

Our main product, MultiSense®, offers healthcare professionals a high-precision and multi-parametric solution to continuously monitor patients’ physiological parameters in the hospital or at home.


Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

MultiSense® is a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring solution that combines a wearable patient monitor (MultiSense® Patch) designed to capture high-accuracy physiological parameters with a cloud platform (MultiSense® Platform) that allows healthcare professionals transform these data into actionable clinical insights.

MultiSense® is a patented innovation that has received multiple awards and has been validated by six clinical investigations.

MultiSense® provides healthcare professionals with a high-fidelity, multiparametric solution to monitor patients’ vital signs and other key parameters both in hospital and at home.

MultiSense® is a Class IIa medical device ((UE) 2017/745) and is intended for patients in non-critical settings.


The Origin of MultiSense®

At the origin of MultiSense®, there was a vision: Replacing the hospital bedside monitor with a miniaturized, wearable device that is centered on the patient rather than on the hospital room.

At the origin of MultiSense®, there was a purpose: Removing some of the most frequent pains associated with the surveillance of such vital signs and physiological parameters as heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation.

At the origin of MultiSense®, there was a mission: Increasing patient quality of life, inventing novel patient pathways and simplifying the every-day life of caregivers.



Extended & Validated Monitoring Capabilities

The current version of MultiSense® provides continuous, clinical-grade remote monitoring for 6 vital signs and physiological parameters: Heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature, activity level and body posture. Other parameters such as blood pressure are currently under development. MultiSense® is capable to capture and process 1,5.106 data points per hour, maximizing the quality level for the measured parameters.

MultiSense® has been validated by six clinical investigations, involving a total of 93 patients and 43 healthy volunteers. Clinical validation objectives covered data accuracy, data availability, product safety as well as the acceptability & relevance of MultiSense®.

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MultiSense® Patch
The MultiSense® Patch is a wearable adhesive monitor that provides high-precision, real-time and continuous capture of six key patient vital signs and other parameters.
MultiSense® Platform
The MultiSense® Platform is a cloud-based service that enables to transform monitoring data into actionable clinical insights.
RDS is capable to assist with the implementation and use of our solutions through a portfolio of turnkey or customized services.


Transforming Healthcare: Remote Patient Monitoring's Impact

Explore the various applications of continuous, remote patient monitoring, and understand how it contributes to reshaping patient pathways and increase the attractivity and sustainability of healthcare systems.

Early Hospital Discharge
Continuous, remote patient monitoring helps secure and facilitate early hospital discharge, and contributes to improve quality of care and patient quality of life, as well as reduce the average length of stay in the hospital.
InPatient Monitoring
Continuous, remote patient monitoring helps simplify patient monitoring procedures in the hospital and other healthcare organizations, with a specific focus on reducing the overall time and effort spent on monitoring so that caregivers can refocus on other priority.
Ambulatory Patient Monitoring
Continuous, remote patient monitoring plays a crucial role in improving the physiological monitoring procedures for patients during ambulatory stays, offering a more streamlined approach for healthcare providers while enhancing the level of patient surveillance before, during, and after these ambulatory experiences.
Clinical Research
Continuous, remote patient monitoring allows pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other companies involved in clinical research to improve patient surveillance and capture additional physiological data during clinical trials.
Baseline Assessment
Continuous, remote patient monitoring enables HealthCare Professionals and their partners to generate real-life data about the patients’ physiological baseline.


Setting Together the Forthcoming Era of Patient Monitoring Solutions

MultiSense® PRODUCT is a class IIa medical device that is used in the MultiSense® KIT for remote measurement of clinical data, designed to facilitate patient monitoring and improve patient quality of life in non-critical care settings, at home or in a care center. This medical device is a regulated healthcare product that bears the CE mark. MultiSense® PRODUCT is manufactured and marketed by RDS SAS. MultiSense® KIT is an assembly of medical devices. Please refer to the assembly leaflet or medical device user manuals for further information. To consult safety & performance information relevant to MultiSense® PRODUCT users, click here.