MultiSense® Patch

Miniaturizing physiological data capture in a lightweight, patient-centered device.


Miniaturized Wearable Monitor

The MultiSense® Patch is a wearable device that combines 5 sensors to ensure continuous monitoring of vital signs and other patient parameters with a clinical-grade quality. The current version of MultiSense® has been clinically validated for heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature, activity level and body posture. Other parameters such as blood pressure are currently under development.


25g of Technology Concentrate

With over 20 patents in 9 patent families, MultiSense® is a concentrate of technological excellence. Explore some of the key features of the MultiSense® patch below.


Easy-to-Use & Reusable Design

The MultiSense® Patch is delivered as a “ready-to-use” kit that contains all the material required for installing the patch on the patient, as well as all the material required to establish the connection between the patch and the MultiSense® cloud platform.

The kit makes it very easy for any healthcare professional to set-up a MultiSense® Patch in autonomy. Sustainable development has been key in the design of the MultiSense® solution: The kit can be cleaned, refurbished and reused, to minimize its carbon footprint.


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MultiSense® Platform
The MultiSense® Platform is a cloud-based service that enables to transform monitoring data into actionable clinical insights.
RDS is capable to assist with the implementation and use of our solutions through a portfolio of turnkey or customized services.
Explore the various applications of continuous, remote patient monitoring, and understand how it contributes to reshaping patient pathways and increase the attractivity and sustainability of healthcare systems.


Setting Together the Forthcoming Era of Patient Monitoring Solutions

MultiSense® PRODUCT is a class IIa medical device that is used in the MultiSense® KIT for remote measurement of clinical data, designed to facilitate patient monitoring and improve patient quality of life in non-critical care settings, at home or in a care center. This medical device is a regulated healthcare product that bears the CE mark. MultiSense® PRODUCT is manufactured and marketed by RDS SAS. MultiSense® KIT is an assembly of medical devices. Please refer to the assembly leaflet or medical device user manuals for further information. To consult safety & performance information relevant to MultiSense® PRODUCT users, click here.

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