RDS Brings to Life the Next Generation of Patient Monitoring Solutions.


The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring


RDS combines best-in-class biosensor technologies with the latest developments in digital and predictive medicine, and brings to life the next generation of Patient Monitoring Solutions.


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Advancing Patient Pathways™
Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals to build improved patient pathways, that result in higher quality of life and care efficiencies, and help make healthcare systems more attractive and sustainable.
Securing Early Hospital Discharge
Continuous, remote patient monitoring helps secure and facilitate early hospital discharge, and contributes to improve quality of care and patient quality of life, as well as reduce the average length of stay in the hospital.
The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
Our main product, MultiSense®, offers healthcare professionals a high-precision and multi-parametric solution to continuously monitor patients’ physiological parameters in the hospital or at home. MultiSense® is a patented innovation that has received multiple awards.

RDS is thrilled to receive the continued support of a vibrant community of clinicians.

Prof. Jacques Marescaux
Digestive surgeon, university professor, former head of department, founding director of IRCAD and IHU Strasbourg, 300+ publications, chairman of the Scientific Committee of RDS

Not only is this patch going to generate major healthcare savings by not keeping people in the hospital who do not need nursing care but it will also improve postoperative outcomes. Therefore, it is a revolution in the management of what is called the “patient flow”, both before and after surgery.

Prof. Didier Mutter
University professor, head of digestive surgery department Strasbourg University Hospital, Former head of IHU Strasbourg

The number of monitored parameters and the level of data quality provided were shown to be equivalent to the intra-hospital monitoring devices usually used. The patch was well-accepted by the patients thanks to its limited size and flexibility of use. This solution is perfectly suited to the remote monitoring needs of my patients, and I believe that there could be wider applications in the longer term, enabling the development of new and original models for monitoring patients with respect to various types of care situations, both in and out of the hospital.

Prof. Julien Pottecher
Anesthesiologist & critical care physician, head of department (Strasbourg University Hospital), president of the French Anesthesiology & Critical Care Teachers College, 150+ publications

This connected wearable medical strip is a real gamechanger for real-time monitoring of vital signs in hospitalized and out-patients. Coupled with trend analysis which detects abnormal clinical trajectories, and rapid response teams, continuous wearable vital signs’ monitoring with MultiSense® may prevent further patient deterioration, ICU transfer, length of hospital stays and nurse workload. Out of the hospital, patients may safely go back home earlier, avoid much healthcare-associated nosocomial infections and experience greater comfort, quality of sleep and enhanced recovery.


Setting Together the Forthcoming Era of Patient Monitoring Solutions