Beyond the product, discover how RDS can help with the implementation of successful remote patient monitoring programs.


Bringing Remote Patient Monitoring to the Next Level

RDS has designed turnkey services to support the successful implementation of novel ways to monitor patient vital signs and other parameters in the hospital and beyond. Our team is also capable to provide customized services adapted to each one’s organization and situation.


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From tailored solutions to expert support, find out how RDS can assist with the implementation of the next generation of patient monitoring programs.

Solution Design
Interested in implementing early discharge protocols from the hospital? In elevating vital monitoring procedures for in-patients? Our team is capable to help craft comprehensive, tailored strategies to address a specific challenge, and deliver a carefully planned blueprint that will guide the implementation of MultiSense®, and ensure it is effective, efficient and aligned with the intended goals.
Configuration Services
Our configuration services cover such items as the set-up of the MultiSense® Cloud Platform, including user roles & permissions, user creation, notification settings, initial user training and other items.
MultiSense® can be used with a large degree of autonomy and does not require any prior training. However, our team is capable to support the implementation of monitoring procedures by providing in-person or remote training sessions. Training sessions can encompass a deeper dive into such items as the installation of the MultiSense® Patch on patients and the utilization of the MultiSense® Cloud Platform and can be customized based on your specific requirements.
Customer Success Programs
To ensure a fast and successful implementation of MultiSense®, all RDS customers are eligible to our standardized Customer Success Program. Customization can also be discussed to cover any specific need.
RDS offers a streamlined logistics service that encompasses the delivery of the MultiSense® Patch, its retrieval, and refurbishment after use, allowing Healthcare Organizations, Professionals, and patients to concentrate on their core activities.


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Explore our company, products and services to better understand their benefits, applications and how they can meet your specific requirements.

MultiSense® Patch
The MultiSense® Patch is a wearable adhesive monitor that provides high-precision, real-time and continuous capture of six key patient vital signs and other parameters.
MultiSense® Cloud Platform
The MultiSense® Cloud Platform is a web-based service that enables to transform monitoring data into actionable clinical insights.
Explore the various applications of continuous, remote patient monitoring, and understand how it contributes to reshaping patient pathways and increase the attractivity and sustainability of healthcare systems.


Setting Together the Forthcoming Era of Patient Monitoring Solutions

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