MultiSense® Cloud Platform

Facilitating patient monitoring procedures through a user-friendly, secured cloud service


Transforming Monitoring Data into Actionable Insights

The MultiSense® Cloud Platform is a secure web-based interface that empowers healthcare professionals to streamline patient surveillance for vital signs and other parameters. The MultiSense® Cloud Platform helps transform patient monitoring data into actionable clinical insights. The MultiSense® Cloud Platform is a GDPR-compliant and hosted by a certified HDS.


Turnkey Monitoring Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of the MultiSense® Cloud platform and discover how it can contribute to enhance patient monitoring programs.

User-friendly dashboards help visualize the status of all patients being monitored using MultiSense® in one single view. It is possible to narrow & sort views using pre-configured filters: Patient location (service, home etc.), name, dates and others).
Real-Time View
The MultiSense® Platform allows to visualize each patient’s monitoring data in real-time, including vital signs and physiological parameters, as well as the battery status of the MultiSense® Monitor (Patch.)
Patient History View
The MultiSense® Platform makes it very easy for healthcare professionals to look into patients’ monitoring history, visualize trends and transform data into actionable insights.
Configurable Notifications
Notifications can be easily configured per patient or per group of patients using the MultiSense® Platform. Notifications can be evaluated for relevance, therefore increasing traceability in handling notifications and enabling the system to learn lessons from humans.


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Explore our company, products and services to better understand their benefits, applications and how they can meet your specific requirements.

MultiSense® Patch
The MultiSense® Patch is a wearable adhesive monitor that provides high-precision, real-time and continuous capture of six key patient vital signs and other parameters.
RDS is capable to assist with the implementation and use of our solutions through a portfolio of turnkey or customized services.
Explore the various applications of continuous, remote patient monitoring, and understand how it contributes to reshaping patient pathways and increase the attractivity and sustainability of healthcare systems.


Setting Together the Forthcoming Era of Patient Monitoring Solutions

MultiSense® PRODUCT is a class IIa medical device that is used in the MultiSense® KIT for remote measurement of clinical data, designed to facilitate patient monitoring and improve patient quality of life in non-critical care settings, at home or in a care center. This medical device is a regulated healthcare product that bears the CE mark. MultiSense® PRODUCT is manufactured and marketed by RDS SAS. MultiSense® KIT is an assembly of medical devices. Please refer to the assembly leaflet or medical device user manuals for further information. To consult safety & performance information relevant to MultiSense® PRODUCT users, click here.

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