RDS Wins Santélys Call for Innovative Projects

We are proud to be part of the winners of the Santélys 2023 Call for Innovative Projects!

The program is organized by Santélys in partnership with Eurasanté, and aims at supporting innovative projects in the fields of patient care, homecare solutions as well as the quality of life of healthcare workers.

These topics are highly aligned with our mission to transform patient pathways, our commitment to improve patient quality of life and make healthcare systems more attractive and sustainable.

As a result of this call for projects, a real-life experiment will be conducted. RDS will also receive financial support from Santélys as part of the program.
We warmly thank Santélys for selecting RDS and are all very excited to embark on this journey with the Santélys teams.

About Santélys

Santélys is a non-profit organization specializing in the supply of homecare services and healthcare training. Santélys takes care of over 40,000 patients per year, mostly in France and Belgium.