Advancing Patient PathwaysTM

RDS Brings to Life the Next Generation of Patient Monitoring Solutions.

RDS is a medical device company aiming at bringing to market the first miniaturized and connected wearable medical solution for real-time monitoring of several key cardiac and respiratory parameters. Our Franco-American team is based in Strasbourg (France) and in Palo Alto (California, USA), and has a extensive experience in medical electronics, digital health, and cutting edge innovation. Members of the team have worked in successful startups as well as large technology companies.

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Member of the large-scale program “Tomorrow’s Health Initiative” (piloted by Strasbourg Eurometropole, more info in French here ).


Incubated at SEMIA, recognised as an Excellency Incubator of the Grand Est region and accelerated at Future 4 Care, Paris.


Laureate of the I-Lab award by the Ministry of Research and Innovation / Laureate of the Grand prix de l’académie des technologies 2022

Our Values

RDS aims at having a positive impact on society through improving patient diagnostic, monitoring and well-being. We are an enthusiastic and highly dedicated team that participates in the e-Health revolution, by delivering continuous high-quality vital signs’ monitoring while enabling patients to be monitored in a less constrained environment, such as home.

The impact will thus be positive for society as a whole with significant improvement of healthcare systems, a more secure patient’s journey, and improved clinical outcomes. In addition, our solution will also enable affordable and easy-to perform diagnostics and patient monitoring in countries with less developed healthcare systems.

Our Team

Our enthusiastic and multidisciplinary team already covers many key skill areas and is growing. The overall team combines a good balance between strongly experienced people and highly qualified and motivated graduates. We are based in Strasbourg (France) and in Palo Alto (California, USA).


 Our main offices are in the heart of Strasbourg, capital of Europe, in one of the most prominent and advanced European University Hospitals.

French Team

US Team

Our Strategic Committee

We benefit from a recognized and highly experienced strategic committee :

Our Partners

RDS and our project benefit from the essential support of several key institutions and stakeholders :

with the support of Pr Jacques Marescaux

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Please contact us for any question regarding our company or our product. If you need to report any incident related to the use of our product, please contact the helpdesk.