MultiSense® is an outstanding global solution dedicated to patient monitoring in acute stages of their clinical pathway (especially post surgery). It is designed to facilitate patient remote monitoring and improve patient quality of life in non-critical care settings.

Our patented solution is based on a high-level data processing platform fed continuously by raw data from five sensors embedded in a miniaturized proprietary “patch” medical device worn by the patient. This solution allows very high quality remote monitoring, continuously and for several days, of many key parameters including oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and heart rate.
The configurable data processing and visualization platform enables the medical team to set thresholds on physiological values for each patient individually and receive notifications when parameters are outside of the normal range.
Thanks to its unique design, MultiSense® is easy to install by the nurse, and comfortable to wear by the patient. It can be worn day and night, and is water resistant.It allows clinical teams to let patients go home earlier, safely, and monitor them remotely and efficiently as if they were still in the hospital. 
It is a medical device class IIA (CE mark in progress).